Black Is Back in Marble Accents and More

Over time, Tampa marble in black has come and gone as the ‘in’ color for accents. The good news is it’s back.

Black is always a truly lovely color to have as an accent in many rooms in the house, particularly the bathroom. There is something quiet, powerful and elegant about it that makes the room standout. Black is back in Tampa marble accents; just the right touch for people wanting a touch of class in their bathrooms.

Marble is extracted from a metamorphic rock and the marble itself is formed by the alteration of either dolomite or limestone. Because of the way marble is formed, you tend to get randomly colored imperfections or impurities. This isn’t a drawback. It’s actually an inherent part of marble’s ethereal beauty. No small wonder that it always becomes a conversation piece when visitors see how gorgeous it looks.

Of course this robust rock has a long and enduring history as the stone of choice for buildings and sculptures. Over time however, this beauty of a stone started appearing in homes in areas such as the entrance way, fireplaces, living and dining areas and bathrooms. In other words, it’s a viable choice for interior and exterior flooring.

Another reason for choosing marble is that the nature of the stone helps to give the whole room a boost; a facelift if you will. It’s hard not to admire what marble does for any room, as bottom line, it’s one good-looking stone.

Of interest to home builders or those wanting to build their own home is the fact that black marble and black granite columns are in great demand for home construction these days. The columns give the house a completely different look and make it stand out from the others. That’s not a bad thing either. Just imagine the resale value.

Why not have marble columns outside the house? They’re rough, tough, durable and have a whole lot of character that anyone can see for themselves when they see how it makes your home look. You can definitely say marble columns would add curb appeal, not to mention the fact that they are quite a lot more stable than the cemented columns usually used in home building.

Now you might be thinking that black marble or granite tile columns are pretty pricey and are wondering why you’d go with something that expensive when good old cement would do. Well, the reality of the situation is that black marble or granite tile columns are very cost effective and would last longer than cement. In other words, you’d save money in the long run over the years of owning your home. Marble columns, rather than deteriorate like cement, would stay forever elegant. That’s a pretty appealing thought. And here’s another thing you’d like; you don’t have to maintain Tampa marble.

If you seriously want to do something spectacular and stunning to make your home stand out, black marble columns would do the trick. It’s something to think about. While you’re at it – think black and white marble for the bathroom. It’s a powerful statement.

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