Apple Tries to Fix iPad Issues

During the first week of April, Apple tried to address some issues that customers were having with their new iPad. But when your iPad really breaks, independent repair shops are often able to fix it.

It’s been reported that many iPad owners have been experiencing issues with the gadget’s wireless connection – typically bad reception and slow speeds. According to one disgruntled iPad owner, “I would have done better with a pencil and a napkin.” Since the first week of April, no fooling, Apple has been offering troubleshooting tips to help owners who have moved beyond exasperation to find a tiny bit of solace.

There’s a Knowledge Base article for general iPad wireless issues that’s been circulating for awhile, but now Apple has generated a piece from their in-house geeks that is geared to problems, specifically that the device is not reconnecting to wireless networks.  At least that single issue has received some attention, albeit scant. Praise the Apple, kneel and praise the Apple.

If your iPad isn’t reconnecting to your network, and you’re using a dual-band router, Apple wants you to rename your wireless networks. I can help there. If your wireless network is nicknamed “Bill,” instead you can call it Tom, or even Pat, especially if you don’t mind risking gender confusion.  Actually, Apple’s suggestions are a lot more helpful, and these problems can at least be more easily resolved than they could, say – back in March.

But what if your iPad really breaks? You just dropped it on the concrete, or into the crapper, or some unknown household pet has been chewing it. Where will Apple be then? In fact, if you can’t depend on Apple for the real repairs, especially if you don’t want to be without your iPad for like – months – your next destination should be an independent repair shop – for instance, the one nearest you.  Places like this have their own geeks, expert service technicians, who know how to repair iPads, even yours. They don’t particularly care if your pet happens to be a rambunctious something or other with very sharp teeth, even fangs, as long as you don’t bring your pet into the shop when you’re getting the broken iPad repaired. While devices like iPads perhaps used to be a mystery to such folks, nowadays …

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