Apple’s iPad Rolling Out Internationally

Apple’s popular iPad is selling so well that it’s being rolled out into nine international markets. But what if someone mistakenly rolls your iPad off a cliff, what can you do to fix it? Independent repair shops are rapidly filling that need.

Starting May 28, 2010, Apple has announced that its amazingly popular iPad will be available in nine international markets, with preordering beginning on May 10. In July, additional launches will bring the iPad to countries like Belgium and Hong Kong. More than a million iPads have been sold since the gadget first came out on April 3.

As of May 28, iPads will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. Earlier, the iPad had sold in amazing fashion in the United States, a place where only centenarians are snapping them up at a slightly slower pace. July will take the iPad market to more countries, including Austria (birthplace of Adolf Hitler), Belgium, Hong Kong (not the birthplace of King Kong), Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Singapore. Release dates for an additional nine countries beyond those are currently in the works. Who knows? Maybe Togo and Andorra are on that list. Apple is looking to make $62.6 billion in profit by the end of May – almost like Exxon.

But what happens when someone in some far-off place brings back their tattered, broken iPad into a friendly country – such as the United States – and suddenly wishes to see their device become whole again? Hello. Does an iPad get fixed when you want to use it again? Manufacturer’s warranties with distributors are often not available – like they were with the first Smartphones. Where do you take one of these things to be repaired, once you’ve dropped it into the swimming pool or off your sun roof? Who is able to fix your iPad that you figured was tatered? The answer may be staring you in the face, depending upon where you are of course. Think Indy, as in independent repair shop. At places like that, where they used to just fix cell phones, their in-house geeks, expert service technicians all, can repair your iPad good as new – even if it originally came from Andorra, as in the very near future – it very well might.

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