Seniors Still Concerned About Health Care Reform

Most seniors are still anxious about health care reform. They see all cuts to services coming and fear they will bear the brunt of the changes.

“The baseline fear that most American seniors have when it comes to the health care reform bill is that ‘their’ health care program, Medicare, will be raided to pay for younger workers without insurance and their families,” explained said Richard Cantu with Medicare supplements resource,

The number and depth of some of the cuts does indeed cause a great deal of concern right across the board, to those who will lose services and to those providing services. “One thing seems to have been missed in the overall general angst of change – the new law actually benefits many Medicare policyholders, but that doesn’t get mentioned much. It’s a sort of ‘give with one hand and take with the other’ kind of trade that may even out in the wash later,” Cantu commented.

The changes and cuts are being brought in slowly, and with good reason – it’s an election year. That is why the cuts start next year and come into play gradually. This year, as an incentive of sorts, over 3 million seniors get $250 each for the Medicare prescription donut hole coverage gap. Mostly the gaps run over $1,000, so this is politely called a down payment for the future in some circles. In others it’s called a bribe.
All across the US many seniors are marshaling their votes and waiting to see what happens next. They are a powerful voice that could change the way the government looks at election time. The changes to Medicare are slated to cover over 46 million seniors and disabled individuals.

“Many public perceptions of the coming changes have stuck despite the fact that some of the changes will be beneficial for those using the Medicare program,” observed Cantu. The most famous one centered on “death panels,” implying that the changes would cost people their lives rather than assist them with their health care. Change is always disruptive at first until the full implications of the changes hit home.

“If seniors are uncertain about what the future holds for them in terms of benefits under Medicare, it’s best to call a Medicare health insurance agent and start asking questions about the changes to come. Knowledge is power and being informed will help ease fears,” added Richard Cantu with Medicare supplements resource,

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