Originally Health Insurance Plans Were for Emergencies

More people are using hospitals for care they should be getting from their own doctors.

The US health care system is a bit strange. It’s not universal health care, and it was originally created for crisis type emergencies such as heart attacks, traumatic brain injury or spinal injuries, etc. In the 21st century, the system is jammed with people who use hospitals like they were in a doctor’s office. This has bent the system so far out of shape it’s amazing.

To fill these “holes,” health insurance companies offered health insurance quotes to those who need the health insurance for emergencies. However, needing health insurance and affording it are two different things. Many Americans say they can’t afford health care. In fact, close to 47 million of them in 2007 alone decided not buy health insurance, even when provided with affordable health insurance quotes. Cost was given as the reason for their decision. That may be questionable, but then again, if the health care reform bill is passed into law, these same people will be mandated to have health insurance.

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