Microsoft to Roll Out Pink Social Smartphones

Microsoft is about to launch a new line of smartphones that will be pink, which in this case, will not be a color, or even a color-code, but instead a code named ‘Pink.’ That’s all fine and dandy, but what happens when they break?

Mobile phones come in all shapes, sizes and colors, even pink. If Microsoft was going to launch a truly pink smartphone for the marketplace, it would target women over men, and probably gay over straight, although a lot of people probably are fond of pink that don’t fit a particular demographic or stereotype. Such strategies can be left to the marketing gurus. Since Microsoft’s new line of mobile phones will only be code-named ‘Pink,’ and are not actually pink, the point is moot. In fact, these new ‘Pink’ phones will be available to everyone when they appear in the U.S., and will be targeted to younger people due to their social-networking capabilities.

There are so many smartphones these days. Will this new smartphone be the envy of those consumers sporting iPhones or a nifty Google Nexus or perhaps a Motorola Droid that happens to be pink? Who could say, except for the Great Oz who once saw Dorothy’s Droid close up and lived to tell about it? Answers to such questions are known only by the likes of Esmeralda the Great Squirrel, a being comparable to the ancient Greek oracles on the island of Delphi before they had WiFi.

The only certainty in this world, an equalizer common to any of these devices, including the Microsoft ‘Pinkie,’ is that they are going one day to be placed in the careless hands of clueless consumers one of these days – and when that happens, the device will surely break. It could be dropped or crash against a concrete wall, or it might get wet. It might be eaten by a whale like Jonah was and regurgitated smooth as sheep intestines in the manner of bat puke. It might go hurtling under the embrace of gravity when Grandma trips on a crack in the cement when she’s not paying attention. Lots of bad things can happen to a smartphone when the person holding it isn’t very smart, at least for an instant when an accident happens. If THE smartphone that you care about most in the world should suffer an untimely mishap, you should scurry like Esmeralda would to the nearest independent repair shop where expert technicians can help. Go to the shop now, go with your Pink code smartphone.

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