HP Is About to Launch Its iPad Killer

While HP is preparing to jettison maybe iPad killer Slate into the cruel wide world, waiting to catch it and potentially save it when gravity grabs it and it inevitably breaks, is CPR, and their expert crew of service technicians.

It’s coming. Hewlett Packard’s much anticipated Slate, a potential iPad killer in the marketplace, a tablet powered by Windows 7 that made its sneak peak back in January 2010 at Microsoft’s CES keynote when your cockroach was just a baby. Now, it’s April, the reappearance of Tiger Woods has come and gone, there’s a leaked teaser on Engadget and Slate has features that the iPad doesn’t, like a built-in camera, a genuine USB port, not a mere adapter, and an SD card slot. The Slate will be keen for video conferencing and the pixel display (8.9 inch, 1024-by-600 pixel display), a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor under the hood, up to 64 GB of built-in flash storage that’s expandable via its card slot and Windows 7. So let the tablet wars commence, and when they do, perhaps a million Slates will fly through the air beholden only to Sir Gravity, and his pull, quite compelling I’m told, are sure to smash a few so that CPR might have to fix them; as is usual, CPR will be the independent repair shop to take them. What will our expert service technicians hear from frustrated or disheartened consumers who have inexplicably wrecked their new Slates? To be honest, they are liable to hear a multitude of expressions, some of them quaint or archaic, which don’t happen to be printable. But that’s not what this article is about. It’s about service and about loyalty to our customers, and to consumers who may be trying out CPR for the first time ever.

My cat ate my Slate, it’s made by HP, and burped it up, she thought it was a chirping bird because of the app that was playing, I don’t blame Little Hellfire, my tabby, but now nothing works on the thing … there are strange blips on the audio and it smells worse than cat food, can you fix it? Consumers who own their damaged slates are liable to say things that they wish they could take back, but our expert service technicians at CPR have heard it all before. Can you fix it? Can you fix my Slate?

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