HP’s New Slate Device Is Billed as a Full Mobile Experience

The Slate is coming, and we’re not talking in the distant future, soon these things will be challenging the iPad and they’ll be getting broken and wet and taken to the nearest CPR to be fixed – that is the way of the techno-world, it has to be.

There’s a teaser video about the Slate that shows you what you’d be getting. It’s going to give the iPad a run for its money, which is figurative when you’re talking tablets. HP has stepped up to the plate, and R & D means something again. The Slate’s built-in camera has a 3MP lens in back and a front-facing VGA camera for video conferencing. There’s a single USB 2.0 port, an SD card reader, a “conventional” SIM tray for 3G networking, and HDMI-out video capabilities and 1080p playback via the Slate’s proprietary dock connector.The pixel display is state-of-the-art (although it’s slightly smaller and lower res than the iPad), and its 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor is something your grandfather didn’t find under his hood. The Slate is a tad taller, narrower, and thicker than the iPad, and also a tad lighter – it weighs only 1.49 pounds instead of 1.5 pounds. Its Windows 7 is a full-on, multitasking, desktop-caliber OS, and if it comes with a SIM tray the Slate will be about $80 cheaper – at $549.

You are really going to love this device, so when it’s available, go out and buy one. You have my permission. You’re really going to love your new toy, utterly and completely. Look at everything it can do – until suddenly it can’t. You’ve accidently dropped it into the toilet bowl when Herbie, your 8-year-old’s no longer beloved parakeet started singing – and you were so angry you strangled it – there was a startled parrot squawk in miniature, a last one, a dénouement. Your 8-year-old shrieked when she saw what you did, to the parakeet and to the Slate, and you gave her the dead little bird, promising to bury it in the backyard, as you ran out of the house with the Slate in hand, wet, and no longer functioning. Your destination was CPR, the nearest one, as this was an emergency, and you garbled something about murdering your daughter’s beloved pet, and not meaning to, although you did mean to, and the expert service technician examined your Slate, and uttered the magic words, “Calm down sir … We can fix this. Yes we can. You’re at CPR.”

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