Big Changes Coming for Seniors on Medicare Due to Government

Seniors need to know modifications in how self-administered drugs are charged because of a change in the federal government’s policies about Medicare and seniors. It did not happen because of the hospital or the insurance agency from which they bought Medicare and Medicare supplements.

This new method of charging for self-administered drugs is part of the changes coming in 2010 and beyond in Medicare. This shifts the price tag from the federal government back on to seniors. There are others services that are also being disallowed such as pelvic and breast exams, and pap smears if they are done outside the time period Medicare has set as a federal regulation.

Couple this with a relatively recent report from the government that is now suggesting that women don’t get mammograms until they are 50 rather than the current 40, and you will see for yourself that the government is trying to cut costs by reducing services to seniors.

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