Opt In Times Might Be Different Than You Expect

Opt in times may be different that what you are expecting. A good example would be if you already have a plan, then you are able to opt in to Medicare supplements between January and March. Another example would be if are leaving a group health plan situation or relocating (moving) to a different area. In those cases, opt in and out times will vary. This is why you have to ask and not assume or you might find yourself in a sticky situation.

This isn’t the kind of information you find on websites, because there is too much to put on one website. This is internal information that health insurance agents can explain in a heartbeat. At this point, it’s best to ask a lot of questions. It will cut through the confusion.

Remember, health insurance agents are there to “help” you, not sell you something you don’t want, or give you information you don’t need. For every “rule” there is usually an exception, and only the agent is going to be able to explain your options to you in plain English.

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