New Floodplain Maps Cause Need for Homeowners to Add Flood Coverage

Thousands of Florida residents may have to pay more for their homeowner’s insurance. The federal government has just made changes to its floodplain map, causing many Florida homeowners to acquire flood insurance.

A recent change in the federal government’s floodplain map is causing Florida homeowners to add flood insurance to their homeowner’s insurance policies. The area most affected by these new changes is Orange County, Florida. Homes in the Conway and Azelea Park areas that have never been affected by floods will now need to be covered by flood insurance. These newly identified homeowners will have to amend their existing policies in order to protect themselves against the tragedy that could occur during flooding.

Every ten years, FEMA redraws its floodplain map, and this year’s results indicate a great change in potential areas of flooding. This year, the process was conducted using a digital system, which is similar to a GPS. In the past, FEMA has relied on printed maps in order to determine which homes are susceptible to flooding. This system, FEMA notes, is more reliable than the ones used in the past and could work to save homeowner’s from the financial and emotional disaster than can occur after a flood affects one’s home.

While FEMA’s new floodplain map has placed many new residents in a flood zone, it has also taken around 8,000 homeowners out of previously identified flood zones. According to FEMA, being in a flood zone simply means that the homeowner’s property is in an area that has at least a 1% chance of flooding. If Florida homeowner’s do not agree with the results obtained from FEMA’s mapping system, they can conduct their own survey to determine whether or not their homes are susceptible to flooding.

Florida homeowners should not make the mistake of thinking that their existing homeowner’s policy covers the damage caused by floods. Flood insurance is not part of standard homeowner’s policy and must be added to the policy for an additional premium.

This type of homeowner’s coverage has not been necessary for many of the homes in this area in the past, and not having it now could cost Florida homeowners a significant amount of money. Residents in the effected areas should consult with a licensed homeowner’s insurance agent to find the best options for adding flood insurance to their policies.

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