New Wave of Sony Gadgets Coming

2010 is expected to inaugurate a new lineup of handheld products from Sony Corp. that are likely to be immensely popular. But what will we do when they break?

The R & D wing of Sony Corp. has been busy as Claus elves the past several months. Informed speculation has it that a new lineup of handheld products are on the way, including a smart phone approaching genius levels: The thing will supposedly be able to download and play video games – which is about the only thing that smart phones haven’t had an app for, until now.

That’s not all. The Japanese electronics giant has almost at-the-ready a portable gadget that will be a close kin to netbooks – nearly incestuous in fact – not to mention electronic book readers and handheld game machines. If this thing comes to be, it could be an excellent strategic counterpart to such devices as Apple’s iPad tablet – which is also close to coming off the drawing board, so Sony is trying to stay competitive.

The new products are the vanguard for Sony’s new online media platform – an answer to Apple’s iTunes that the Nipponese hope will be a declarative statement. Sony’s new platform will offer many of the same movies, television shows, and songs that iTunes has already made available to consumers. While sales of Sony’s PSP – once hailed as the “Walkman for the 21st century” are slipping badly, Sony is likely to make a better showing with their new platform and associated lineup.

The smart phone promises to be the centerpiece. Imagine – a device actually able to download and play video games.

But what will it mean to play video games merrily and excitedly, to become immersed in imaginative worlds 24-7, and to suddenly have the techno-symbolic umbilical cord severed, to lose contact with those video game realms, because your toy is … broken?

The multifunction device will be working online with Sony’s new online multimedia platform and then, suddenly – it breaks – what then?

Wait, don’t despair. The solution is at hand. You will be able to take these devices to your nearest independent repair shop, and know the truth of the matter in your heart of hearts … that even your Sony newfangled things can be fixed.

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