iPad with Wi-Fi Is About to be Launched

Apple’s new iPad for Wi-Fi will be available to U.S. consumers on April 3, 2010, the latest innovation in 3G multi-apps wonderment. But what happens when it breaks? That’s what independent repair shops are for.

Something I could not say fifty years ago, “The iPads for Wi-Fi will be available in the United States.” These particular iPads will be available on April 3, 2010, and other models equipped for Wi-Fi plus 3G will become available perhaps by the ides of April – if there is such an ides. As a small child, I was iPad-deprived. Yes, I’m going to admit it. It’s not easy to confess to such a thing, not once you’re past fifty. But even for geezers like me – I resemble a well-preserved centenarian – these Wi-Fi iPads – oh my – will include a pricey (~ $500) 16GB model, a pricier (~$600) 32GB device and a priciest (~$700) model with 64GB. The iPads (all of them) weigh 1.5 pounds and are ½ inch thick. Retail stores have just added 12 new applications (some people call them “apps”) and the “tablets” will run most, if not all, of the estimated 150,000 apps that exist in the Apps Universe. Which apps aren’t supported? I don’t know. Remember, I resemble a well-preserved centenarian.For those who like to do their reading via apps, according to Apple, the new iBooks app for iPad, including the iBookstore, will be available as a free download from the Apps store on April 3. I couldn’t say any of that as a child either – oh, maybe I could have, but no one would have known what I was talking about. We live in marvelous times, full of techno-wizardry and apps. Apps are everywhere. There are probably as many apps as there are squirrels. That said, squirrels don’t break – although they do die except for Immortal Squirrel – but iPads do. What should you do if you lose all your apps because you dropped your iPad and became very iSad?

Don’t fret, unless you’re a musician adept at stringed instruments too. Even this well-preserved centenarian knows that if you take your injured device to the nearest independent repair shop, that their expert service technicians will be able to make you iGlad in a nifty jiffy and you won’t have to wait fifty – years that is.

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