CPR Will Be Able to Fix AT&T’s Android, Too

It took awhile, but AT &T is finally getting its own Android and the iPhone will have a little brother. That’s nice, but if it breaks, CPR will be able to fix it, and that’s even nicer.

Everybody, when you’re talking ‘bout corporate has had their own droid, except for AT&T. While the iPhone is practically ancient (since 2007), AT&T’s spectrum of mobile devices – feature phones, BlackBerry devices, and smartphones have all primarily relied on the Windows Mobile platform, and that’s been iPhone turf. Even Verizon has come to promote the Motorola Droid – while not so subtly lambasting the iPhone’s shortcomings. But now via the Motorola Backflip, AT&T will have its own Droid. CPR is waiting in the wings.
The iPhones fail. They break, are thrown into swimming pools or land on cement walkways, and the truth is, no matter how smart your phone is, and how many apps it eats, or in the case of AT&T’s newest Android – how many revolutions it can make in the air when it’s doing a backflip – gravity sets in and when these devices break – they inevitably fail.

A day can be envisioned when CPR’s expert service technicians will be waiting for AT&T’s new Android to come damaged into their repair shop – it will need to have all of its apps restored to functionality, and they will fix it, yes they will. Will a CPR expert service technician dare to perform a backflip in exultation when the first AT&T Android is successfully repaired? Probably this won’t happen. Even so, it’s a smartphone, isn’t it? We already know the answer to that one. Yes it is. Why should a Backflip be much different than a Droid? CPR has been fixing smartphones for years now, and the number of smartphones repaired is an astounding number, said by the Wise CPR guru to exceed a gazillion. These broken smartphones, including Androids, have been made whole again, after being broken in numerous and sundry ways. It’s nice that the iPhone will have a little brother brought to you by AT&T, and even if you want to do a backflip with a Backflip – you should know that it can be fixed. If you take it to your nearest CPR, it will be fixed.

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