CPR Can Fix Sprint’s Supersonic

Sprint’s first Wi Max smartphone, a beast called Supersonic has emerged, and CPR’s expert service technicians can fix it when it breaks.

It will be Sprint’s first WiMax-enabled smartphone, an Android named Supersonic, although that’s a code-name. It will have a 4.3 inch touchscreen, an FM radio (what, no satellite radio?) and should include HTC’s Sense user interface atop an Android operating system. The Supersonic will boast a Snapdragon processor running at 1GHz like a Google Nexus One, which is also an HTC innovation. Although the Snapdragon doesn’t really function with WiMax, it will someday. Sprint’s WiMax network is rapid tech at 3 and 6 Mbit/sec, and it will soon be accommodating 4G.

The Android operating system, especially smartphones using it, is becoming a trend. Google’s Android phones now command a 5.2% share of the U.S. market – and climbing. Android is not yet synonymous with RIM’s Blackberry platform (41.6% U.S. market share) but Google’s Android Nexus is gaining, and Google is a relative neophyte in the smartphone marketplace. Palm and Microsoft have been sliding, while Nokia still claims 40% of the global smartphone market, it’s numbers impressively Blackberry-like.

An estimated 234 million people age 13 and older were using mobile devices in the United States as of December 2009, with Motorola the premier OEM with 23.5% of U.S. mobile devices. But statistics aside, there is something more phenomenal going on. As more Americans dance to whatever drumbeat they’re hearing with smartphones in hand, the likelihood for accidents is also increasing. People drop them and they break. They spill an amazing variety of substances upon their delicate and relatively fragile “private parts.” Even the Supersonic is not going to be immune from getting wet. If it falls into a swimming pool, the device will fail to function and be in need of repair.

That’s when CPR gets into the act. CPR’s expert service technicians will know how to fix the Supersonic, just as they already have repaired thousands of Palm Pre, Blackberry, Nokia, Google, and every cell phone and smartphone and a myriad of devices sold. “We don’t care that much what is,” said Anon, a CPR expert service technician who didn’t want to give his name due to his modesty and other superlative qualities. “We just fix it.”

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