When Your Smartphone Is Hacked

CPR is the company to call when your smartphone is hacked.

2010 is not the start of a new decade. We’ll have to wait another year for that. But as the last year of the 21st Century’s first decade, one of a smartphone consumer’s biggest worries is security. There are a whole lot of threats out there. So many viral worms now exist, that they now have their own condo community with its singular zip code starting with 666. Cloud breaches no longer pertain to hailstones falling through a cumulonimbus. We’ve recently seen Heartland Payment Systems’ ugly invasion and been confounded by the Conficker worm – which renowned journalist Tom Wicker had nothing to do with. In fact, the saying “There’s nothing sicker than Conficker” may soon be surpassed by the next botnet, phishing scam, or fake anti-virus software to sleaze along. What’s especially ominous to some consumers is that smartphones like the Apple iPhone and Google’s Nexus One are already within the sights of bad people who do bad things to good smartphones, increasingly the way PC desktops were just a few years ago.

The newest threat may be malware attacks against “jailbroken” iPhones – iPhones whose owners have deliberately disabled Apple controls so that they can free themselves from an onerous carrier or migrate on their own to a different operating system. With low-level access thus sabotaged by the consumer, the manufacturer is in effect, “locked out” of providing software anti-viral remedies that can be anywhere close to current.

An increasingly popular option for protecting smartphones from being hacked is to take your apps-loaded little phone machine to your nearest CPR. Here in this hacker-whacker environment, the possibility for your phone to remain compromised by some malignant force drops practically to zero within hours, or a day or two in the shop at most. While creating a jailbroken iPhone may not have been the most prudent idea to begin with – it doesn’t have to mean a trip to a smartphone morgue. You should still shy away with any zip code starting with 666 and phishing is pronounced “fishing,” when you bring a pole, and if you swallow a botnet you should spit it out immediately – but everything gets better even for slackers if not hackers if you simply be smart and take your phone to CPR.

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