Ten Years Later Jake Gets Justice

Jake Tinman is now 10 years old and he and his parents have finally settled their medical negligence lawsuit.

The $22.3 million verdict followed many long years of legal wrangling in a contentious medical negligence case. It started in 1999; Jake was born with a congenital heart defect needing a shunt. After surgery, he was sent home with his mom and dad to recuperate. Barely two weeks later, Jake was back in the emergency room at the hospital where he was born, waiting for someone to do something.

A series of delays in the emergency room and additional acts of negligent care led to serious and permanent consequences. Because of the improper care, Jake’s left leg had to be amputated. The lawsuit alleged that the leg had been improperly dressed at the time of his shunt operation. On top of these complications, delayed treatment and a cardiac cath procedure ultimately led to developmental delays and cognitive deficiencies.

In almost ten years of contested litigation, many additional issues came to light, including the fact that the hospital destroyed an echocardiogram relevant to this case. After a contentious trial, the jury found in favor of the plaintiff, indicating that the hospital and staff were negligent because they failed to make timely diagnosis of Jake’s problem with his shunt; subjected him to an unnecessary cardiac catheterization; failed to properly monitor his pulse; improperly applied a pressure dressing to Jake’s left leg and failed to remove the dressing in a timely manner.

After ten long years, justice has finally been served for the Tinman family, but in those many years waiting for that justice, the family has amassed enormous medical bills, expenses for ongoing treatment for Jake, therapy expenses, household expenses, and the usual kind of expenses for a young growing boy. The bills didn’t stop coming because the case was in litigation.

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Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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