Motorcycle Accident Case Settles but Was It Enough?

It was a record setting personal injury result, but was the $6 million settlement for the accident in 2006 enough?

You just don’t think things like this will ever happen to you. You’re riding on your motorcycle with your 15 year old daughter, when a truck blows a stop sign, turns left and hits you. Richard Wright and his daughter, Kelly, each suffered various types of fractures – Richard had a fractured wrist and ankle in addition to multiple other injuries; and Kelly had a fractured tibia and ankle, requiring surgery.

The case settlement amounted to $6 million but, the case took three long three years to settle. The award might seem a tad high to readers; the reality is that it is not nearly enough to cover possible long-term problems that both Wrights will have with their injuries. Both needed therapy, pain medications, surgeries, and other assistance to get back to some semblance of “normal” after the accident.

In addition to the physical injuries sustained in this motorcycle accident, both Richard and Kelly experienced pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, and other accident related expenses. Their daily living expenses increased substantially; the family had to cope with two badly injured people living in the home.

According to statistics and figures handed out by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accident deaths and severe injuries have increased significantly over the last ten years. An examination of NHTSA figures for the year of the Wrights injury accident, there were 88,000 motorbike injuries and at least 4,837 fatal accidents. One year later, that record had been broken with 103,000 accident injuries and 5,154 fatalities.

Even with one parent working, medical bills continue to mount. Had the Wrights been aware of the possibility of obtaining lawsuit funding, they may have had an easier time handling everyday expenses without worrying about how to pay the bills for two injured family members, one of whom was the principal breadwinner.

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