Many Turn to to Reduce Cost Instead of Coverage

Florida homeowners may not be getting the best deal on their home insurance. See what some homeowners are doing to change that.

Even with the economy showing slight glimmers of recovery, household budgets are still a little strapped. It may be tempting for families to immediately look to their insurance as a way to cut costs, but it might not be necessary.

As families review the expenses each month, items like homeowners insurance and auto insurance seem to stick out as expendable. However, it is in times when a family’s finances are restricted that insurance coverage is needed the most.

When the savings account was getting regular contributions, a $3,000.00 deductible made sense for the SUV. But now, the family might not be able to afford an accident. Or if a roof is damaged, the credit may not be readily accessible to meet the deductibles of the home insurance policy. is reminding their clients that now is not the time to lower cost by increasing risk. What may be the better option is finding a new home insurance or auto insurance carrier.

Many people are realizing why is becoming a popular destination. Their easy online quoting process makes it convenient for insurance shoppers to get accurate insurance rates that may help save them money.

With being an independent agency, they can shop around for the best homeowners insurance and auto insurance rates to make sure that the coverage sold is the best coverage for the client. This is a valuable benefit over going directly to a company or to a single company agent.

It’s also important to review coverage periodically. Many Florida home insurance policies are handled directly through their mortgage company. Homeowners do not have to go with the mortgage company’s recommendation; they can contact to find alternative home insurance options. The licensed insurance agent handling the policy can communicate the details to the mortgage company to add the insurance premiums to the mortgage bill.

This year, as families look for ways to save money, encourages them to shop around for a different insurance company through one of their licensed agents before deciding on a lower level of coverage.

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