Lawsuit Cash Advance May Help a Plaintiff

Bike accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, not the least of which is traumatic brain injury. Cases like this may take years to settle and may be eligible for lawsuit funding.

For those who have been involved in a bike accident and who may be facing years before the case is settled in the courts, there may be an answer readily available to address funding issues. The facts are that bicycle accidents number in the thousands every year in America. The results of a bicycle meets car accident may range from soft tissue injuries to death.

“That’s the difficulty with cases like this; while some of the injuries may look minor on the surface, there is a very real chance they might, one day, turn out to be debilitating, even fatal. If the negligence of a driver caused a personal injury accident, then the cyclist may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit asking for compensation to pay for the injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to assess the case and decide how to move it forward,” commented Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

Most bike accidents take place when the cyclist gets hit by a moving vehicle. Since the only protection a bike rider has is their helmet, the injuries that result from an accident tend to be significant. In fact, they may also involve paralysis, multiple bone fractures, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. “Statistics show that there are over 50,000 bicycle accidents every year and on average, more than 600 people are killed,” Monroe added.

Personal injury cases like this take time to get to trial and make their way through the system; meaning the legal process may take months or years before there is either a settlement or a jury verdict. “During the course of waiting for results, medical bills need to be paid; the injured bike rider may be out of work; there may be hundreds of hours of therapy for the rider to be able to walk again; insurance companies are fighting to settle for less money; and they don’t want to pay for needed renovations to the house that would enable the bike rider to use a wheelchair or walker at home. Add in the difficulty in paying the day-to-day bills and an enormous stress results from wondering where the money will come from to pay those bills,” said Monroe.

“In cases like this a series of lawsuit cash advances is often the answer for a plaintiff who doesn’t wish to settle for less than what their attorney feels is fair and equitable, depending on the nature and scope of the injuries. Lawsuit financing is the ideal answer to dealing with the bills ‘now’ while waiting for the full compensation that a fair settlement or verdict will bring. The bills don’t stop just because a lawsuit is pending; while it may be tempting to settle for less to stop the money bleeding, there is a better way,” stated Monroe.

Making a quick phone call to apply for a lawsuit cash advance will assist the bike rider in paying off his ongoing expenses while supplementing his loss of income. It will help pay his day-to-day important bills and expenses as well. “Lawsuit cash advances are considered to be non-recourse settlement loans, otherwise referred to as non-recourse lawsuit loans. What this means is that if a person does not win their case, they do not pay the lawsuit funding company back,” advised Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

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