Google’s Got a Smartphone

The Google Nexus One phone is trying to set an Android phone standard.

Google is getting greedy. They weren’t satisfied to have a proprietary Android mobile operating system in the forefront of gadget-tech. Its new smartphone means an aggressive juggernaut for Androids everywhere and we’re not talking about Data, the now ancient android from a defunct TV show that once saturated TV land literally – not the cable channel. Google’s Nexus isn’t alone, it has a cousin that’s a Motorola Droid and available on Verizon’s network, but it is now smartly in the smartphone game.

Already, the Nexus has advantages over the competing Droid. It’s not trapped in a shortsighted exclusivity deal and will be available not only from Verizon, but from AT & T, Sprint, and T-Mobile or any other wireless carrier preferred by consumers. Google once envisioned an open source mobile platform which would theoretically allow a so-called “free” cell phone that would not be bound fast to any particular carrier. Such a carrier-agnostic product line would also free carriers “once and for all” from ongoing maintenance concerns if the thing were to break. While technical issues such as CDMA-network related concerns might prove problematic in this regard, at least in the short term, Google’s smartphone is bound to make an impact, even if the marketplace is already glutted to the point of ubiquitous saturation.

But if it’s assumed that carrier-agnostic is a “go” and the Google experiment doesn’t end up as a monstrous Goofle, what will be the best options for consumers if the Nexus One breaks? If its LCD screen cracks; if its apps morph into gaps; if it suddenly won’t perform cherished functions; if it suddenly refused to help rescue your grandfather from a dial-up connection; if, as Rudyard Kipling once titled his famous poem, your Nexus loses its nexus, so to speak, what can a savvy consumer do?

The only option that will be preferred by consumers who might be atheists, agnostics, or even devout, will be to run, not walk, preferably after suitable transportation has been arranged, to your nearest independent repair shop populated by Nexus-savvy service technicians.

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