Floridainsurance.com Advises Everyone to Check Their Policy for Sinkhole Coverage

Florida homeowners should carefully review their sinkhole coverage. A new Florida law may end up costing homeowners a significant amount of money if they wish to protect themselves against sinkhole damage.

Floridainsurance.com encourages Florida homeowners to review their existing homeowners’ policy to determine whether or not their policies contain adequate sinkhole coverage. Effective January 1, a new Florida law allows private insurance companies the option not to renew current sinkhole coverage in Pasco and Hernando counties. This new law was enacted as a means of saving Florida homeowners money by reducing insurance premiums. Sinkhole coverage endorsement is still available for purchase, but homeowners must pay an additional premium to receive this comprehensive coverage.

Those residents, whose sinkhole coverage is not renewed and cannot afford to pay the extra premium, will have to rely on another form of coverage. Under Florida law, insurance companies are required to offer catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage to all policyholders, but this type of coverage will not cover all the potential damage caused by sinkholes. It only covers damage of an extreme variety, which is the result of geological activity that causes collapse of the ground cover, visible depressions, structural damage to a home, or causes the home to be condemned due to inhabitability.

Although the state’s mandatory catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage may provide homeowners with some security in the event that a sinkhole causes extreme damage to the property, this included coverage will do little to protect homeowners from the much more common effects of sinkholes, such as cracks in buildings or other issues that occur due to settling. Not having the sinkhole coverage endorsement that would cover the costs arising from these kinds of damages could result in a significant out-of-pocket expense for homeowners affected by sinkholes.

As Florida is the state with the highest number of sinkholes, it is important for Florida homeowners to review their policies carefully and determine whether sinkhole coverage would be beneficial. Having the right kind of sinkhole coverage will save Florida homeowners a lot of grief and a lot of money. Additional sinkhole coverage should be considered, especially if the residence is located in a high risk area, to avoid having to pay for and deal with the potential losses associated with sinkhole damage.

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