Dell Smartphones Are Coming

They’ll be launched in China and Brazil initially, but eventually they might become as commonplace as BlackBerries and iPhones. When that happens, you better watch out when they break. An independent repair shop might be your only option.

Some thought the day would never come. But ring around the Dell – is finally entering the smartphone market. China has already seen their first Dell units, but so far their availability in that country has yet to experience worldwide scrutiny. Before 2009 runs its course, Brazil will be added to the availability mix. But what the traditional personal computer brand has revealed about features to Western consumers, including Americans, has been sketchy indeed.

It has received a name, presumably for marketing purposes. Akin to “Mini-me,” the famous character in a medley of Mike Myers’ flicks, Dell’s new gadget is the Mini 3.

In a smartphone market dominated by the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, it’s not likely to make much of an immediate impression, but let’s not be afraid to fantasize. Since we don’t really know the features of the new Mini 3, let’s assume that it’s round, tiny, not much larger than a dime, and comes with more bells and whistles than anything so far conceived. Perhaps it’s programmed to communicate with immediate voice translations– for instance, Urdu to Mandarin to English in less than a second. It might be able to scan your Bible for references to Gomorrah instantaneously – akin to some kind of warped Kindle. The fact is, whatever this new thing might be able to do, it will break. It will inevitably shatter its LCD screen when you drop it on a cement road surface, like a sidewalk. Sidewalks exist even in Brazil or China, but when the Mini 3 appears someday in Peoria or Dallas or Chicago, sidewalks are not likely to be less ubiquitous. What if the very tiny keyboard button on your Dell is worn down by constant use, but you never knew it because you can’t even see it, what then?

If such eventualities should occur, and your Mini 3 warranty has expired or somehow vanished too, your only possible option might well be to run, not walk, to your nearest independent repair shop, and please, watch where you’re going, for if you should trip …

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