CPR Can Fix the Palm Pre if It Breaks

The Palm Pre and its little follower Pixi are smartphones that CPR enjoys fixing for the fun of it.
It’s a smartphone named for a prefix. Pre is the very definition of prefix, meaning before. Before what you might ask? At the risk of sounding a little like Dr. Seuss, who is more than a pediatrician you know, because he provides precautionary care for nonsensical illnesses among his treatable illnesses, CPR is very aware of the Pre, although Palm as a company does seem dwarfed by the likes of Apple, Research in Motion, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Nokia.

Palm invented not only the Seuss-ish Pre, which rhymes with the Japanese sushi, but also conceived and delivered as in prenatal an entire category of Web-surfing pocket-computer phones when Treo burst onto the scene in 2002. But Palm’s rivals attacked real-world market complexities and the Pre, in a post-Pre world, has become something of an anomaly. While Sprint’s network still features the Pre, Palm has also moved on to the less expensive Pixi, which appears to be a genuine Palm post-Pre reaction.

While the Pre and the Pixi are easy to use and great for Internet surfing, both can break – even when they’re not accidently smashed with a mallet or vanish down a rabbit hole, only to reappear broken with a sad-eyed Dr. Seuss looking like his famous cat in a hat, or eating an odious chunk of leftover green eggs and ham.
Owners of damaged Pre or Pixi smartphones should not despair. CPR’s expert technicians DO speak webOS, which is the favorite tongue of Lord Palm, who is by the way, the Lord of the Things.

The Pixi is becoming more common because it costs less than most Android phones, and because people own it, just like those ancient Pre devices, they are breaking in many ways – but if you head down to your nearest CPR independent repair shop, clop and clip, clip and clop, our expert technicians will repair your Pre without odious preconditions, or fix that Pixi – without whistling Dixie. Unless such a nonsensical whistle is pre-requested, after first being suggested, we just won’t whistle. We don’t need to – ask Dr. Seuss.

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