CPR Can Fix iPhones Originally Distributed by UK’s Vodafone

As iPhones of sundry description are becoming increasingly common on this side of the pond, it’s nice to know that CPR won’t shy away from iPhones no matter their nation of origin.

The iPhone has become ubiquitous around the world. More than four billion of “them Apples” have been distributed to eager consumers. Penrod L. Pennywise finally bought one, and became the hundred millionth person to do so in 2009. Distantly related to Mr. Scrooge and The Grinch, they each had purchased several by the ides of January in 2010. “Everybody has one by now,” reported The Gabby iPhone, a newsletter that would be widely circulated if it wasn’t also fictitious.

In England, iPhones are sometimes accessed with tea and crumpets. In Scotland, iPhones are worn as an accessory with bagpipes and kilts. Perhaps, according to The Gabby iPhone, Vodafone is to blame for such innovations on the other side of the pond.

Wither what may; the ubiquitous iPhone may break in a myriad of ways. A tale is told about an iPhone in Yemen that was hurled like a bomb from a passing car window and actually exploded. This particular device, according to The Gabby iPhone, was sent by postal mail to a CPR shop not far from Cicero, and was somehow able to be pieced together. Another tale from Tiberia involved a frozen iPhone that made its way to be thawed in a CPR shop after arriving Siberia. Another iPhone, according to the same never reliable source, had been mauled by an Angora from Andorra. The bottom line is that any iPhone is accepted no matter their nation of origin – if the device can be fixed at all, CPR’s expert service technicians will “give it a go” as sometimes is said by United Kingdomers visiting our side of the pond.

Where can an iPhone come from? The answer is often a function of air travel as much as “how the crow flies.” Returning to that certain source again for information about lost and found iPhones, in the sense of their being repaired, is the legend about an iPhone that was dropped by a crow from a height of a three-story building – a perfect gravity-induced travel – right onto a CPR customer counter. That particular iPhone, according to the rumor, was hardly even broken.

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