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Broken windshields are illegal. Regardless of how the windshield was cracked, deductibles are usually not applicable to windshield repair.

You wake up in the morning to start your day. After you stumble into your slippers, you walk outside with coffee in hand on your way to collect the morning paper. As you walk by your car you see a few eggs. It doesn’t quite sink in, but then when you see your garden block resting in your sagging tempered windshield, it all makes sense. Someone had too much time on their hands and claimed your car as their victim.

After you hose the eggs off your car, the next thing you do (aside from grumbling to yourself about not having surveillance cameras) is contact your insurance company. Driving in the state of Florida with a shattered or slightly cracked windshield is illegal. Fortunately, windshield repair and replacement does not have a deductible so the whole process usually is free of charge so long as you have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy.

Comprehensive coverage is there for vandalism, theft, or damages caused while the vehicle isn’t moving. If a vehicle is moving and damages are inflicted on the vehicle, the collision side of your policy will cover it.

Windshields, however, operate under different rules. You are going down the interstate and find yourself behind a truck hauling pebbles, only to have one pebble fall out and hit your windshield. The pebble probably cracked your windshield in the area of impact. If only your windshield was damaged (no body damages are present) then the windshield would be covered at no deductible under your comprehensive coverage, even though the vehicle was moving at the time the windshield was punctured.

Keep in mind, you must have comprehensive coverage in order to take advantage of the free windshield replacement. If you only have the state required minimum personal injury protection, your windshield repair will have to be taken care of at your own expense. Talk to a licensed Florida auto insurance agent to make sure your coverage is enough to protect your assets and prepare you for the surprises in life.

Whether it’s a surprise in your driveway or serious collision on the highway, it’s always good to know you are fully covered.

Milla Tawnie writes for Orlando auto insurance and Orlando home insurance agency, the Florida Insurance Group. To learn more or to get auto and home insurance quotes, visit

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