BlackBerry Curve 8520 Is Not a Real Berry

Despite earlier erroneous reports, the BlackBerry Curve 8520, and in fact, the entire line of BlackBerries, are not real fruit. They can be fixed easier than a real berry though, if they’re taken for repair into your nearest CPR.

If you’ve ever seen a bushel of blackberries smashed on a sidewalk, or even blueberries or raspberries for that matter, you probably know enough that salvaging such a fruity mess is a lost cause. You might be able to eat a few, or bake a sorry pie, but any grand plans you might have had for your berries is probably past-tense. Before you’d heard of CPR repair shops, you might have despaired of any repair even for your BlackBerries, including the BlackBerry Curve 8520. But let’s get one thing straight from the get go – you can take your BlackBerry, even your Curve 8520, into your nearest CPR repair shop, and if it’s not a real berry, our expert service technicians are going to be able to fix it – if it’s repairable.

Please ignore those reports of BlackBerries not being smartphones at all – but genuine berries. Yes, you might have “picked” your BlackBerry, but think back. Did it come off a bush? Chances are that it didn’t. Did you try to eat it after sprinkling bits of broken BlackBerry all over your breakfast cereal? Let’s hope you didn’t, or you’ll need your stomach pumped out mighty fast, cheerio!

In fact, the BlackBerry smartphones should never be placed atop your cereal, it says so right in the warranty if you still happen to have one. These smartphones are not edible. Eating them is seldom, if ever, advisable. If someone has taken a bite out of yours, believing erroneously the rumors that have been circulating, it’s your patriotic duty to take it to be fixed, or else restored to a relatively pristine condition, and if that warranty has expired or else can’t be found, your destination should be to your nearest CPR shop where one of our expert service technicians is waiting to serve you.

A smartphone with a piece of its LCD screen bitten off can be dealt with. Don’t get hysterical. Control yourself. The crime dog was talking about taking a bite out of crime in that radio spot, not a bite out of your BlackBerry. Isn’t it a crime that your device has been bitten? It may well be. But these things happen. It’s time to move on, and at CPR you can make your BlackBerry Curve 8520 whole again.

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