Windows XP Smartphone Is Tiny, but So What?

The functionality of the XP has been brought into question. Do we need to prize the tiniest over the more typically-sized gadget? Trying to fix these miniscule techno-wonders may also be a daunting but unnecessary challenge.

It’s new. It runs Windows XP and blends in PC features within the palm of your hand. But is it really useful to have a smartphone so small? The pocket-sized XPPhone blends smartphone, PC and mobile Internet device into a do-all. Microsoft’s Windows XP Operating System never had it so good. Or maybe not, you techno Dr. Know it all.

In the middle of the bug-sized device is a Geode LX chip, running at 533MHz and drawing less than a single watt of power as if it were Picasso in a Spanish outhouse.

Enthusiasts proclaim that a demand exists for devices smaller than netbooks that can deliver the functionality of a much larger PC. Smartphones are changing into Internet surfers and readers of Word documents. This thing may be pushing a similar “one-box” envelope. But is it too laden with resources for such a Lilliputian contraption?

Some experts are daring to ask the fifty-cent question: “Why would anyone want a phone that runs XP?” How often will you have to replace its batteries? I’m thinking a mechanical version of Flomax on steroids might be an apt comparison of what we’re dealing with here. Also, personal computers have had their own issues running XP. Why make a mechanical mini-me vulnerable to the same family of problems? The blue screen of death comes to mind; only it buzzes and stings in a peculiar annoying way because it’s so freaking little. Try to load Microsoft Office on it if you’d like your own immediate cardiovascular event as a way to put frosting on frustration. Add some of the other components of the Windows arsenal and you might just be asking for a convulsion.

There’s also a follow-up fifty-cent question. What if it breaks? Isn’t any repairing a questionable proposition if the unit’s functionality is questionable in the first place? Makeshift repairs might accomplish more harm than good. How can you tell what “works” if you can barely see it? What about warranties? It seems that an independent repair shop might be your only solution, but make certain that the techno-nerds employed as service technicians there have their magnifying tools handy.

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