Whiplash, the Unseen Injury

People think whiplash isn’t that serious because they can’t see it.

While many think that whiplash is a silent wound and not that serious because it’s not visible, it is one of the more common injuries sustained in car crashes. Whiplash damage turns the most mundane of tasks into a painful activity and affects daily living. This is why a great majority of whiplash victims tend to file personal injury claims with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer.

What usually happens when two vehicles collide is that the impact causes you to be propelled forward rapidly (acceleration) then slapped backwards suddenly (deceleration). This whipping movement strains back muscles, shoulders and the neck, violently pulling these muscles out of shape.

Whiplash symptoms don’t always show up immediately. It may take a couple of days for the victim to realize what has happened. This kind of damage also takes a long time to heal, depending on the violence of the impact. When it comes to whiplash injuries, no two people are alike and they may act and react differently to the injury, based on their pain threshold and the flexibility of their neck muscles.

Hit from behind? If that is the case, then the person who collided with you is always liable for the crash. If you suffered whiplash because of this accident, then in most cases, you have the option to file a whiplash injury claim. If you’re not certain what to do, speak to a highly skilled Sacramento personal injury lawyer.

While there are places that represent themselves as being a whiplash claims company, you are best advised to speak to a qualified Sacramento personal injury lawyer who knows the law. When it comes to the possibility of negotiating a settlement with the insurance company or even proceeding to court, having a competent Sacramento personal injury lawyer representing you will go a long way toward a fair and just settlement.

Whiplash claims companies are only in the business of collecting information to pass along to an attorney. Why waste time and money with these claims companies when the first consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer is free?

Some of the things that your Sacramento personal injury lawyer would discuss with you are the details of the case, find out how much time you lost from work, get your medical records and get a detailed list from you about any other expenses you had to pay out of your own pocket, e.g. massage therapy or paying for a neck brace.

While it’s true that getting compensation won’t take the pain away from a whiplash injury, it will help pay for lost wages, doctor’s bills and other expenses. This is one of the main reasons you need to consult with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to know what your rights are in relation to a whiplash claim.

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