When a Drug Gets Removed from the Formulary

Now and then a certain drug will be taken off the Formulary, but this doesn’t usually happen without notice. Generally speaking, those who take that drug will get 60 days advanced notice that it will no longer be available. What are your options? There are usually three things you can choose to do. The first one is to change drugs. The second option is paying more for what you are taking if there are no other options, and the final choice is to apply for an exception. If you do apply for an exception, then what usually happens is you will be allowed to continue on the drug until the end of the current year. That should give you enough time to find a solution to the problem.

Why use the Formulary? You’d want to use the Formulary because it saves money in combination with using generic drugs. Generics are the same as brand-name drugs, but may just have a different coating or are another color. Just about one-half of all the prescriptions dispensed today are generic drugs. This isn’t to say that in some instances there isn’t a generic substitute, but your doctor should be able to suggest an alternative.

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