The Butler Did It

Yes indeed, the butler did it in the kitchen mystery of the year. Can you possibly guess what he did?

While you might be pondering just what the butler did that would make any difference in the kitchen, take a good look at “your” kitchen and think about how it would look if it were done over differently. Get your imagination going and just dream of everything you have always wanted in a kitchen.

You may want all your pantry items in a place where you can access them. You might want drawers in the cupboards, an island with even more drawers, and have the pantry chock-full of adjustable shelving. Think about the colors, the dimensions, the easy access to everything and most of all, the realization of your dream kitchen. Now, keep that picture held tightly in your mind. If you dream it, it’s possible; particularly if you find a company online that specializes in custom building storage solutions for your home.

You of course will want the best you are able to afford and will want someone who understands that your kitchen is the heart of your home – a place where the family gathers for meals and shares the day’s adventures. Indeed, the kitchen is a place where wonderful things happen and even more wonderful smells emanate from the oven.

About that butler and what he did – well the butler, realizing that he was somewhat limited in what he was able to do in your kitchen, actually contacted a company that does custom made storage solutions for your home, including your kitchen. He got the designers to come and suss out the kitchen and create a design so efficient and functional, and yet elegant, that you could hardly believe your eyes. Now we’re talking kitchen renovations from small to large and from awkward to elegant with the addition of some very clever butler’s pantry designs.

Feature those cool adjustable shelves that you can store absolutely anything in and even organize in order of size. Talk about the ultimate in organization, something most kitchens would love to have, but generally don’t even come close. It’s a fact that adjustable shelving will allow you to maximize your pantry storage space. And if you have those shelves made out of “real” wood, you won’t be faced with cheesy chipboard coming apart over the years from spills and kitchen moisture seeping into the pantry.

Clever butler that he is, he also asked for some more countertop space in unusual places that really puts a different spin on what the kitchen looks like. It’s a day and night makeover and the bonus is that it was nowhere near as expensive as you thought it might be. Look at all the additional space you’ve gained in the pantry area and revel in the ability to store more things – cookie sheets, place mats, tablecloths and other things that make dining a true experience in your home.

Don’t waste time with cheap substitutions. Be smart like the butler was when he found an online company with experience and a good reputation that could make the kitchen into something stunning.

James Talarchyk is with Tampa closet and Tampa custom closet maker Bearcreek Closets. To learn more about custom closet systems or custom home office systems, visit

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