Medical Homes Good or Bad?

So far, what we know about medical homes is that those who do qualify to take advantage of them will live in Medicare housing, where they will be seen on a regular basis by primary care doctors and other health care providers; such as social workers, therapists and nurse practitioners. Vermont has a medical care home model in operation and it seems to be providing “uniform standards for advanced primary care.” It’s not just Vermont that has implemented this kind of a model either, so have Maine, Colorado and Massachusetts. To make this new program work, it seems that Medicare will be joining hands with Medicaid, state and federal health care programs, and private insurers in states that will offer the medical home program.

If this is something that might be in your future, now is the time to start asking about how they work and how to qualify for residence in a home, should they come to your state. Based on Vermont’s example, medical homes not only save money, but are a real benefit for the residents in that they are able to get care they would not otherwise receive.

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