Health Insurance Exchange

Now this is an interesting idea – a health insurance exchange where consumers can shop around and get the cheapest price (comparison shopping) they can find for health insurance. In most instances it appears that the new health care reform bill will allow comparison shopping for people not covered by an employer and some small businesses.

And what choices would be on the table to pick from or pass by? The options so far would include a new government health insurance plan, health co-ops, and private plans. Of course people will want to know just what the government health insurance plan would entail, as many people tend to think that government run health insurance is a major pain, overpriced and not so efficient.

While the details have not really been fleshed out, it will be interesting to see what develops over the next few months since the passage of this health care reform bill. It’s definitely opened the door for greater things to happen. Now we all have to wait and see if what happens is actually something we can live with in the long-term.

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