CPR Can Fix Flip Phones Too

Expert service technicians at CPR are fully capable of repairing most flip phones – including all of the earliest flip phones by Nokia, and also their more recent marketplace entries.

Many Americans aren’t really aware that Nokia phones are manufactured in Finland, or that Nokia introduced its initial flip phones more than five years ago. Time flies, especially when it comes to flip phones. Once a trendsetter in cellular handsets, this strategic move had allowed Nokia, the telecom pride of Scandinavia — to avert a nasty finish that had seemed all but inevitable. Clamshell models, Nokia’s bread and butter, had become less nifty. Nokia did regain a large chunk of market share, but more than five years later, many of these surviving flips are now in dire need of repair.

The models being introduced were quite exciting, beginning with their own third generation phone, their 6630, billed as the world’s smallest 3G. It weighed a mere 4.5 ounces, featured a 1.2 megapixel camera, an MP3 player and promised extremely fast Internet transmission – up to forty times that of any U.S. or Chinese competitor – but unfortunately failed to deliver.

A second high-end model, a clamshell 6260 with a swiveling flip, incorporated a video recorder, Web browser, email and VPN within its configuration, and came with a Bluetooth network and an optional wireless keyboard.

Bells & whistles even populated the low-end of these Norseland Nokias. For instance, the 2600 came standard with a full-color display and a handfree speaker – the latter being an excellent choice for safety-conscious consumers but largely ignored, as safety with cell phones never made decent hype in those days.

Enter CPR. “We’re getting a lot of these old Nokia flips in,” says CPR expert service technician Sven Svardd. “I blooming hate the things,” says the blonde Great Dane. At nearly seven feet tall, he looks like a Viking about to lead a band of marauders, and if reincarnated admits to a predilection for pillaging, but also possesses a Jack O’ Lantern grin that can be endearing to certain women. Although he hates the things and prefers newer model smartphones, “practically anything that you don’t have to plug in,” he explains, “They are extremely simple to fix,” he admits. He might add, especially if you take your smartphones down to your nearest CPR.

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