Chipboard Cheapies Don’t Last

Custom closets that double as chipboard cheapies won’t do your home any favors.

At some point in time just about every homeowner takes it upon themselves to add extra closet space to their house. Maybe in the back bedroom that has been such a pain over the years, so it can double as a guestroom; or maybe adding extra closet space downstairs to store winter clothing. Whatever the reason for trying to add custom closets, chances are that the materials will not be of good quality.

Most people, in a fever to save money, will buy the cheapest materials they possibly can to build custom closets in their home. What they don’t realize is that buying chipboard is the worst thing they could possibly do. Chipboard is not only cheap, it’s cheap for a good reason – because it comes apart under too much stress, buckles, has unsightly bubbles in the presence of moisture, and doesn’t like kids banging their toys on the corners without splitting.

That old saying about getting what you pay for is so true, but people want to hold on to their money, so they opt for the cheap sheets. Here is what happens when someone buys cheesy chipboard. Over time it will degrade simply because the quality and durability is “not” there. Chipboard isn’t even capable of being in the same sentence as the word quality. So, because it starts looking really tacky, really soon, the wood has to be replaced. That means spending twice, or more often for something that should have only been bought once.

Custom closets need to be able to withstand anything that people throw at them – literally. If there are kids in the house, kids tend to see if most of their toys can fly and usually right into the closet doors in their bedroom. If the house has custom closets build by a company that only knows and offers quality real wood when they make their custom closets, those toys won’t make a dent in anything.

Bear Creek Closets has quality, elegance, pride in their work and some darn fine custom closet designs to show anyone who is interested. They don’t cut corners, they don’t use chipboard (they use real hardwood) and they make sure they know the space for which they are building custom closets before they even get started.

Worried about the price? While it’s true that custom closets made from real hardwood may be a bit more expensive than chipboard, the pure quality and uncompromising craftsmanship will last a lifetime.

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