Broken eBook Reader? CPR Can Fix It.

Since Apple’s iPhone now has apps to support Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader, it’s more popular than ever and there’s one more reason to keep your iPhone functioning. But if it breaks, head down to your nearest CPR so you that you don’t lose your place.

The iPhone is swiftly becoming the eBook reader of choice for many people. Last year, the iPhone and iPod Touch claimed the handheld gaming market for the first time. Now, due to new support features, it’s no wonder that book applications for iPhones have begun to exceed the popularity of gaming apps. One out of every five new apps introduced to the App Store during October were book apps. With 57 million iPhone and iPod Touch users worldwide, Apple’s touchscreen devices are far more ubiquitous than is Kindle; so despite the fact that iPhone screens are a lot smaller than Amazon’s six-inch Kindle, they remain a much more feasible(and lucrative) gateway for book publishers . Although their screens are tiny by comparison, loyal iPhone and iPod touch users don’t really mind now that iPhone apps exist to support Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader. In fact, because iPhones and iPods are a heck of a lot more popular than the more practical Kindle due to its more effective marketing blitzes, iPhones are swiftly becoming “preferred” as eBook readers, even if Kindle is still numero uno for the moment. Industry analysts are predicting that Kindle will consistently lose market share as the Christmas buying season looms. Reading books on your iPhone and iPod make these popular gadgets more than mere platforms for handheld gaming.

So what if you’re on Page 223 of Frank Herbert’s Dune Trilogy and your iPhone breaks? Even the peskiest of malfunctions can take that engrossing momentum and personal satisfaction that you can only get from entering an imaginary world of your own choosing and appreciating it in a nouveau setting. There is a way to “get reading” again, the CPR way. CPR’s expert service technicians like to read too — so let them empathize. “I hate it when I’m reading my favorite copy of War and Peace and my iPhone gets tossed onto the concrete by my girlfriend Estelle,” says expert CPR service technician Leroy McVeigh, “I can fix it fast and all that, but if she keeps doing that, I’ll never make it past the third chapter.”

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