Apple 3GS iPhones a Hot Item

Apple 3GS iPhones are selling at a record pace primarily because of their versatile features. But besides death and taxes, one thing is certain, if something bad happens, they will break. When that happens, an independent repair shop may be the best solution.

On its first day of availability in the United Kingdom, the mobile phone company Orange sold 30,000 iPhones. Most were sold within hours. Such volume would have been unheard of a decade ago.

Considering what was being sold, it’s not that surprising. It’s the fastest iPhone ever, twice as quick as its predecessor the 3G. It’s amazing how quickly you can launch apps, render Web pages, or view email attachments. The nifty little gadget can also shoot, edit, and share video – in premium quality VGA portrait or landscape perspectives. Not enough for you? You can also trim your footage by adjusting start and end points with reckless abandon. Take that same instantaneous video and share it in an email, post it to your MobileMe gallery, publish it on YouTube, or sync back to your Mac or PC using the ubiquitous iTunes.

Apple’s 3GS also comes equipped with a 3-megapixel camera that also takes still photos and has a built-in autofocus. A voice control learns the names in your contacts and the music on your iPhone. It comes with a built-in digital compass, so that you might reorient a map to match the direction you’re facing – which is ideal for lost elves at Christmas. Apple’s smartest of phones also can cut, copy, or paste with the best gadgets ever imagined, provide additional typing room with a landscape keyboard, send messages with text, videos, photos, audio, locations, and contact information. An extraordinary feature called “Internet tethering” allows you to surf the Web from practically anywhere.

But there are so many features that can fail – given the slightest accident to befall your treasured little creature of state-of-the-art techno prowess. The merest accident, and suddenly, a precious feature is lost, maybe two, or three, or maybe it’s all dead suddenly and about as useful as a rock.

That’s when the “what ifs” begin to kick in. What if the warranty has expired and your rock is starting to gather dust? What if your little machine has sentimental value or is broken and the person who gave it to you as a gift doesn’t know yet that one or more of the features is broken? Your option is clear. Run, don’t walk, down to your nearest independent repair shop. Don’t drop your iPhone. Don’t you dare drop it.

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