What Do You Have for Health Insurance?

You often don’t know what you have in terms of health care benefits until you find out you don’t have them. Read the fine print.

It’s no laughing matter when you go to use your health insurance benefits and find out you don’t have what you thought you did. In fact, it’s often a nasty shock to the system and to your wallet.

This more than anything points out one essential thing we all should be doing – reading the fine print on our health insurance contracts, supplements, plans or whatever you want to call them. Whatever you do choose to call them, make sure when you search for Medicare or Medicare supplement insurance that you have a list of questions you want answered.

While it might seem as exciting as watching paint dry, reading the fine print will tell you precisely what is covered and what isn’t. In other words, you won’t find out about it later when you’re in a situation where you thought you had coverage – and didn’t. If you’re opting for a Medicare supplement, know what you need versus what you might get.

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