Unfortunately Named, the LG Viewty Smart GC900 Is Bound to Break

When the LG Viewty breaks, who will fix it? Don’t ask Santa’s elves, they’re techno-challenged.

Who names these things? If you incorporate an 8 MP camera with LED flash and enough video editing software to have a party in your handset, what do you call it? If you guessed an LG Viewty Smart GC900, you have rocks in your head, but you’re right. What is this thing really? It’s a phone.

This beauty of a Viewty comes equipped with a standard S-Class interface and a touchscreen that looks suspiciously like a refugee from LG, and despite its light weight of 102 grams, the stocking stuffer is extraordinary for its uncanny metallic feel, though some might perceive this wonder of 2009 as being a tad delicate. It doesn’t have a 3.5 mm headphone port (what do you want, blood?), so there’s an adaptor in the box with or without a jack, but it isn’t the only phone blessed with a socket.

Yes, but did I mention that it is a tad delicate? Your little Viewty, unfortunately named, is bound to break. What do you do then with your not-so-smart-phone?

Since it is a stocking stuffer, you might consider asking Santa’s elves to fix it. Santa often marvels at their prowess; he has been looking on approvingly as they pound away with their little tools in Santa’s workshop since the year 647 A.D. Those particular elves are dead now; no longer busy in our realm, but their replacements might be ready and eager to fix your broken beauty of a Viewty. But there are at least two reasons why Santa’s elves, even the contemporary versions, may not be able to fix your delicate and now mangled smart phone. There’s also a bigger reason why even if they could repair your Viewty, you wouldn’t let them. The elves are based at the North Pole!

Elves also tend to be techno-challenged, although if it was built prior to the 9th Century, they can fix anything. But if an elf isn’t your solution, how can you get your LG Viewty Smart GC900 repaired in a timely manner? The answer is right there, in plain Viewty. Take your unit to your nearest independent repair shop. If you have to remove it from your Christmas stocking, so be it.

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