The Sony PSP Go: What do you do if it stops?

Expensive and not always compatible, it looks almost elegant. But it won’t upgrade well and when it breaks, your best solution is often an independent repair shop.

Sony’s PlayStation Portable with a slide-screen gamepad added, but without its disc drive, and what have you got? You have a PSP Go. For $250, you get a PlayStation with a retooled grip, Bluetooth support, and internal flash memory to the tune of 16 GB. This expensive handheld weighs a svelte 5.6 ounces, lighter than the PSP-Slim or the original PSP-1000, but there are compromises that had to be made. For instance, the pixels in the LCD (it’s still a widescreen configuration, 480-by-272) now occupy less physical space, as the diagonal span has shrunk ½ an inch from 4.3 inches to 3.8 inches. The consequences of this varies by game, but to paraphrase the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis – there’s a whole lot more squinting going on when you try reading the on-screen text. Your plans for the future should now include learning Braille.

While you can still see, you might notice that your PSP Go looks nice. It’s an elegant black rectangle nestled between glossy, beveled half-moons. You can buy it in “piano black” or “pearl white.” Fingerprints can show up ugly on the black surface, but there is a way to get around that flaw: just don’t touch it with your fingers. Certain people have learned to make their PSP Go units function quite admirably employing only tactile toes, especially their index toes combined with the uncanny dexterity embodied within their large toes, avoiding fingerprints entirely. This takes a lot of practice, but can be worth the gargantuan effort, especially for those consumers who might find a coating of unsightly finger smears objectionable.

If you are less agile with your feet than you’d hoped to be, apparent disaster can unexpectedly occur. Enough “manhandling” with your toes can cause your PSP Go to simply stop. And remember, explicit stupidity is often not adequately covered in manufacturer’s warranties – if such symptoms are even covered at all. What do you do with a PSP Go which is sure no Energizer Bunny? Well, don’t be a dumb bunny and take that broken PSP Go to your nearest independent repair shop.

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