The Most Innovative Way to Buy Life Insurance Online

In a very unusual move for the U.S. life insurance industry, there’s a newcomer on the block with the best in class tools, technology and service, and the way to buy life insurance online.

In what is considered to be a very innovative move, Life Insurance 2.0 has hit the Internet with a very different way to do the business of buying life insurance. “We have taken the concept of buying life insurance as being a pain and turned it into something very creative and interactive,” said Mark Lublin, President of Life Insurance 2.0. Lublin isn’t kidding. The Life Insurance 2.0 website is one of the first to offer consumers “everything from soup to nuts,” and then some.

Life Insurance 2.0 not only offers convenience, but also the ability for people to compare life insurance companies, financial ratings, products and pricing for virtually all life insurance companies in one location on the site. “The site is comprehensive and robust offering complete transparency, plus offering all the quotes anyone could need all in one location,” added Lublin. This is something the Internet has never seen before – a complete quoting engine that offers quotes for virtually all insurance companies in the marketplace. Lublin acts as the broker for online life insurance. Think about that for a minute –quotes from virtually all insurance companies online. “There won’t be anything missed when a customer wants to buy life insurance on the Life Insurance 2.0 site,” Lublin pointed out.

There is no sales pitch to be seen on this site, no pushy insurance salesmen and no biased recommendations. What visitors to Life Insurance 2.0 see online is what a consumer gets in the final analysis – simple, straightforward, honest, complete and clear quotes for every company. This is a new way to purchase life insurance, and one that allows people to make a truly informed decision about what type of life insurance will suit them.

“People still have the option to talk with the broker; we actually recommend having that brief conversation to be sure all bases are covered,” said Lublin, “People can call in or e-mail at anytime and a licensed representative will be available to discuss any questions or issues they may have about the various options they are considering.”

“On Life Insurance 2.0 people can even find the financial ratings of an insurance company, something that indicates the stability of the company and their ability to pay out on a claim. Only deal with highly rated and stable insurance companies,” commented Lublin.

The days of working with the typical life insurance salesman are coming to an end. Life Insurance 2.0 offers expert level service and support online, and is run by a knowledgeable and experienced broker who understands companies, products, pricing and the marketplace he represents. “Our website is pro-consumer and offers complete services for the intelligent buyer. Our list of products is comprehensive and people don’t just “shop” onsite, they actually have the ability to “buy” online as well,” explained Mark Lublin, President of Life Insurance 2.0.

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