Smart Immigration Reform Still Seems to be on Hold

While the many meetings being held all over the U.S. dealing with immigration reform still seem to be producing positive feedback, there has still been no movement in Washington.

In what many term as the greatest frustration of the century, immigration reform advocates are still bemoaning the fact that not much is really being done about smart immigration reform in the Capitol. The grassroots feedback seems to still be fairly positive, but since no one sees any real movement on the issue, the question then becomes whether or not immigration reform, as proposed in the election campaign, is really going to happen.

The politicians are evidently committed to the notion of comprehensive immigration reform, but have been sidelined and blindsided by the health reform debate as well. Health reform is another contentious issue that when bundled with immigration reform has the potential to cause a rip-roaring debate on many levels, involving everyone from the next door neighbor to the highest ranking man in politics, the President.

While the country is thinking it’s great that there seems to be some tentative movement on immigration reform, they’re beginning to wonder “when” that reform will really take place. It has evidently been derailed by coming changes to the health system for 2010; although the stated intention has been that immigration could get revamped in 2010 as well. That might be difficult to achieve since the dollars needed for immigration are also needed for health care reform. And so the debate, without resolution, continues.

Many Americans are wondering what happened to the goal posts of comprehensive immigration reform; the hard and fast deadline of Labor Day (past) that came and went with no changes implemented. Others are wondering what happened to the supposedly detailed strategy that was to be put into place this year. On the other side of the fence is the fact that despite promises of immigration reform, the wall to separate the U.S. and Mexico is still being built at an enormous expense for the nation. Of course this issue deals with enforcement, not solving the question of reforming immigration and how it is done.

The bottom line here is that while there is a lot of repetition covering previous promises to pursue smart immigration reform, there has been nothing new since those promises were made. What is the future of smart immigration reform for the US? The question still remains out there – unanswered.

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