Only Deal with Highly Rated & Financially Stable Life Insurance Companies

When in doubt about where to buy life insurance and to avoid getting ripped off, check the financial ratings of the insurance company.

It’s not hard to find the ratings of a life insurance company; just look them up on the Internet. “Ratings will give an indication of the company’s ability to pay claims in the event of an actual loss. Those ratings reveal the financial viability of the company and give you a good idea of how reliable the company would be during any transactions” said Mark Lublin, President of Life Insurance 2.0.

There are three main rating agencies that provide insurance company ratings; they include A.M. Best, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s. Ratings are not a difficult system to figure out, as they use letter grades to reflect the financial strength and stability of the insurance companies. “Put another way, having a rating of at least an A would be considered a good grade, and so on down the line,” added Lublin.

It should go without saying that when trying to select an insurance company, only stick with companies that have “A” ratings. In most instances those are the companies that have demonstrated stability over the years. Choosing one rated “A” means the confidence of knowing they will pay out on any claims made in the future.

Checking ratings isn’t the only way to take the pulse of an insurance company. There are other methods of checking a company’s strength as well. Hit the Internet and locate all the public information on the web. Granted much of this may be supplied by the company and may not have what you want to know, but it’s a place to start.

Another method to find out about the company is to ask an insurance broker about their reliability. “This word of mouth method is often even more valuable than anything found online, as it gives you real life anecdotes. In addition, don’t be shy about contacting the company directly and ask them about their financial situation,” indicated Lublin.

While that might sound like a completely silly thing to do, consider this: if no one in customer service or any other employee wants to talk about how the company is doing financially, consider this to be a red flag and make decisions accordingly.

Once all the information has been gathered about a variety of insurance companies, say three to start with, it’s time to make choices. “A life insurance policy is a major life decision and a significant investment, so choose wisely after all the facts are in and analyzed,” recommended Lublin, President of Life Insurance 2.0.

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