In or Out or What’s the Deal with Medicare Insurance?

You might not always live in the same place. That’s almost a given in today’s busy world with job opportunities all over the United States, transfers, family situations and retirement choices. What about your Medicare needs? Opting into and out of Medicare supplements is a major hassle, but it doesn’t have to be if you talk to a knowledgeable insurance agent.

It’s enough for you to have to get your act together to manage a move from one state to another. The list of things to do is endless and often the last thing that gets dealt with is what to do with your health insurance. What you have in one state might not fit what you need in your new home. The timing for premium payments may change – etc. and the list goes on.

Health insurance has at times been compared to a can of worms. Open the lid and you know for sure things will be all over the place. This is easy enough to sort out by talking to a health insurance agent that knows their stuff. The difficult part is usually trying to figure out the opt in and opt out provisions.

Right now, and this may change depending on what state you are in – so check this out, you are able to opt into Medicare supplements between November 15th of the prior year and December 31st. At that time you’ll be locked in until the next opt out period. This isn’t quite as simple as it sounds, so make sure you ask about this. It’s not simple because there are a lot of exceptions to the rules.

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