Health Insurance and Your Lenses

How many people do you know who give much thought to their lenses when thinking about health insurance?

There are so many health care options available on the market that it confuses people. Companies have a wide variety of benefits they offer employees and due to the recession many of those options are being changed to be more advantageous to the company and not necessarily the employee.

For example, many organizations are strongly encouraging their workers to switch plans or fork over money out-of-pocket to cover the deductible on existing plans. Another option is combining a high deductible plan with a health saving account.

Of course health savings accounts are fairly popular because they tend to serve two purposes. They’re a high deductible health insurance plan combined with a tax deductible savings plan, the health savings account. What this means for those interested in this is that a high deductible insurance plan means the first $1,000 to $3,000 for any medical service is paid for completely by the person with the plan.
There are some exceptions such as annual physicals and other preventative care, which is covered with a small co-payment. The deductible has to be paid in total before the insurance company kicks money in. After that point however, you would not pay anything.

Now you might be thinking where on Earth would a company employee get that kind of money to meet a deductible that high? That is where the health savings plan comes into play. Internal Revenue has created special accounts so that all contributions are totally tax free. That means the funds in the account may be used to deal with any health-related expense such as eyewear (your lenses), vision exams, dental and yes, even acupuncture; not to mention any other services not usually covered by your primary health provider.
Now here is a good tip to save some money. High deductible health plans offer some really nice savings when compared to traditional plans. This may mean your employer might use part of the difference to fund your health savings account.

And one other hint that may come in handy is that you may be able to use your health savings account to buy glasses online. This would be applicable if your employer is contributing money to your savings account. This would then mean glasses would cost nothing out-of-pocket and their expense would go toward your deductible. So buy your glasses online with your health savings debit card. What a great deal, tax free eyewear for a really reasonable price.

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