CPR Fixes More than Software Glitches

While software issues with Apple’s iPhone OS have now been resolved, it’s important to realize that the thing itself might still break. That’s where CPR comes in.

About a month ago Apple introduced an updated iPhone OS 3.1. This smartphone-related software debuted with a plethora of new features, including a Genius system to recommend new apps, new ways to organize your apps, and the ability to download ringtones wirelessly.

On October 8, 2009, Apple released another update for the iPhone OS. This most recent upgrade is 3.1.2. In the grand scheme, it’s just a minor update as updates go, but the update’s introduction has resolved issues that have arisen since 3.1. According to Apple, the latest update fixes a bug that might cause an occasional crash while streaming videos, resolves sporadic issues that may cause your iPhone to continue sleeping even after you try to wake it up, and further resolves intermittent issues with cellular network services being interrupted. This update is not only for all iPhone models, but also applies to the iPod Touch.

But what happens if your operating system is functioning fine and dandy, and your iPhone is still an itty-bitty clunker? Unless a new “cash for clunkers” program is brought onto the tables to reward you, as you so richly deserve to be rewarded, your best option is to run, don’t walk, to your nearest retail emporium with the CPR logo prominently displayed.

Claude C. Claude, a skilled CPR technician, was recently brought onboard to handle such matters, has this to say about moribund smartphones and streaming videos that show up stillborn. “I’m thrilled to be working at CPR, where my skills for fixing the smartest of the smartphones are appreciated, and where I’m beloved by both colleagues and inanimate objects. Can I, or somebody who looks like me, repair your smartphone if the thing stops working? Let me tell you this. I repaired one the other day that the customer had given up for dead, placing it in an unmarked grave in his backyard before bringing it to me. Is this a Halloween prank I asked? But the customer is always right, even when he stares back at me like a zombie.

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