CPR Can Rebuild Even the Smartest Phones with Wi-Fi

Compare them. Most smartphones boast Wi-Fi capability. But this capability is one of the first things to fail when it matters most. Ask your friends at CPR.

So many smartphones have Wi-Fi capability now; the feature has almost become standard. If you’re shopping for such a phone, you might compare. For instance, the Apple iPhone 3GS is probably the most expensive; it does boast a battery-life that rivals the Great Bunny, and of course has Wi-Fi capability. The Palm Pre, a Sprint novelty, is a lot cheaper, going for about half the price of an iPhone 3GS, also has Wi-Fi. Verizon’s entry into the Wi-Fi capable extravaganza is the HTC Ozone, and it’s even cheaper. Blackberries like the RIM Curve 8900 don’t close like certain smartphones, but they’re convenient in the sense of Wi-Fi too. Another smartphone, the Nokia N97, not only is Wi-Fi capable, but is unlocked – able to be used with any mobile carrier. The Nokia’s downside is that its operating system apparently first came out prior to the GEICO caveman. T-Mobile MyTouch 3G also is Wi-Fi capable – providing you don’t touch it. That’s the problem with smartphones and their Wi-Fi abilities, akin to telekinesis. If your phone is prone to glitches, or else it actually breaks, the first capability to become extinct is Wi-Fi.

This can be more inconvenient than sin. You’re hoping to download photos and find a good restaurant to take your significant other for sushi and pasta. You have your smartphone; you’re in a Wi-Fi hot zone, but … it WON’T WORK!

That’s when you need CPR. The skilled service technicians at America’s leading independent repair shop franchise can make your Wi-Fi function again. It doesn’t matter what brand of smartphone that’s failed, we can fix it so that your Wi-Fi becomes standard again, not a capability that has become extinct.

Says CPR’s service technician Malcolm R. Middel, a true geek if there ever was one, “I hate it when the Wi-Fi fails. That is not good, not good at all.”

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