Cleaning Up in Style

Bear Creek Closets just brought “style” to the laundry room.

Most homes these days have interesting laundry spaces which are really more like cubby holes and all look the same – dull, boring, not enough room to work in, and not much space to store things away (like soap, etc).

The latest and hottest trend in the marketplace is an organized laundry room solution by Tampa’s Bear Creek Closets. It’s hot for the simple reason that not only do they build a functional working space for the laundry room, they include personalized options that make laundry easy to do for a change – a distinct departure from the usual drudgery of sorting clothes and doing the washing.

In this day and age it only makes sense to aim for efficiency. Having efficiency and a great looking working space doesn’t hurt either, and it all starts with a real wood customized laundry room solution of personal choice built by Tampa’s Bear Creek Closets. Not one laundry room solution is the same when the design specialists get through creating a unique work area.

Owners wanting distinctive items like workload baskets or hideaway ironing boards will be simply delighted with Bear Creek’s final product. Imagine having rods that let the busy homeowner hang clothes without them wrinkling before they’re moved to where they belong. Gone are the days when draping clothes over the back of various pieces of furniture doubled for a closet or place to just park the hangers until the items are hung in a Tampa custom closet.

If simple and efficient is the watchword of the day, then Bear Creek Closets laundry room solutions in real wood is the answer. Find strategically placed countertop spaces to fold clothes and cabinets designed to hold detergent, cleaning supplies and other laundry room necessities. With custom designed Bear Creek Closets laundry room solutions, laundry actually goes from boring to enjoyable because there is room to do it “right.”

While not everyone likes doing laundry, Tampa’s Bear Creek Closets has many different ideas for personal space that turns a so-so room for piles of unwashed clothes into a place where work gets done with the minimum amount of fuss and bother. It’s about time.

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