What’s Really Going on in Health Care Reform?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that things in the great United States of America aren’t quite right. People feel they are being misled about health care reform.

Americans know the nation isn’t in such great shape economically and isn’t dealing well with the current health care crisis of spiraling costs putting medical care out of reach of millions. They know something is wrong, aren’t sure quite how the nation got into this current mess, but are beginning to question what they are being told about proposed health care reform.

Joe and Josephine American are quite upset about what they have been hearing and seeing in the media about the health care reform package, now at a staggering 1,000 pages plus. Being angry with the government and speaking out forcefully has backed the package up from its original implementation time.The legislation is now percolating until something is done that addresses health care users’ concerns.
First, people are suspicious about the fact that no uninsured American would get health insurance until 2013, the next presidential election. On top of that, the Congressional Budget Office warns the numbers of uninsured will increase before the major provisions go into effect. This is an instance of being between a rock and a hard place. Add to this some of the other proposals and there seems to be a blowout coming.

Americans are not happy about the proposal to severely limit the ability to buy private insurance. This is because the bill would make it illegal to buy health insurance from any company outside the new proposed system. Put another way, it would be the government’s way or the highway.

In another questionable move, people who work full-time will be heavily penalized for that and get no subsidy. On the other hand, those who work part-time and those who don’t have a job, would get subsidized insurance. Employers would be mandated to offer coverage or face a penalty, as would workers who choose not to take the health insurance. The penalties aren’t Mickey Mouse either. This kind of “forcing health insurance” down worker’s throats would have a significant impact on low wage earners and middle income earners whose income would be reduced to pay for the insurance.

With the proposed health care reform bill comes the suggestion to raise premiums with a tax on health benefits. Here is how that one is supposed to work. A Health Care Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund is proposed to be funded by fees on insurance companies. However, the companies don’t pay the fees, consumers will through higher premiums. Anyone else remember when President Obama took after McCain for proposing to tax people’s health care benefits?

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