Universal Health Care on Hold for Now

Since the universal health care reform bill now seems to be on hold for some solutions to the problems it is facing, give some thought to expanding health care insurance to a wider proportion of society, and about how that may be accomplished. If you stop and think about that for a minute, expanding means including other sectors and one of those is people living in poverty. This group of people has no safety net in the event of a health care problem.

Unfortunately, many individuals without health insurance face absolute financial ruin if they need medical care. It’s that or bankruptcy. The prevailing opinion is that these people deserve the same kind of safety net others with health insurance have if they are faced with medical bills. The difficulty is that Medicaid, which should be able to help those in dire need, doesn’t guarantee insurance or health care to those living in poverty. Beefing up Medicare would change the face of the health care system.

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